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Check your priorities

By Pastor Linda Battello
United Methodist Church, Madrid, Elsie

This week one of the Scriptures is the story of the rich farmer. It is an uncomfortable story in this part of the world.
The farmer had such an abundant crop he didn’t have room to store it all. He tore down his old buildings and built new ones to store it and then tells his soul to “relax, eat, drink, and be merry.” He thought he was set and didn’t have to worry.
That very night God called him to judgment and he ended up with nothing. The farmer forgot that all he had came by God’s grace and so he didn’t feel any obligation to share it or give it to God.
That’s what we will be judged by­—how do we show our love for God and neighbor.
There’s nothing wrong with a new storage building, or rejoicing over an abundant crop. We just need to remember to put God first and decide how to use our resources based on knowing they are gifts from God. God does not want us to fail but to always turn with thanksgiving to God first and ask how we can use our gifts to serve God.
Maybe the questions we need to ask are: What has God given me? Have I thanked God for the gifts? How can I use these gifts to serve God and help others? Maybe we just need to pray to God for answers and then do as God calls us to do with our gifts.