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Perkins County Hospital considers building expansion

By Brooke Pankonin

One Year Ago
July 26, 2012
An exciting new project at Perkins County Health Services was in the planning stage as a projected expansion and remodel of the medical facilities was announced.
The improvements planned included upgrading the heating and cooling systems; creating single occupancy rooms with private bathrooms and showers; labor, delivery, post-partum rooms with whirlpool showers; expanding the dietary, lab, and radiology departments; increasing accessibility for the disabled and creating an aquatics therapy pool to better assist patients with their physical therapy needs.

Ten Years Ago
Aug. 7, 2003
Perkins County was faced with an enormous problem in dealing with budget cuts and money woes as a new fiscal year began ten years ago.
Nearly 50 concerned patrons filled pews in the courtroom with questions as to why their tax dollars were no longer sufficient. The special meeting was called in response to a letter from the Commissioners citing necessary budget cuts, lack of state aid and the inability to raise the 50-cent levy lid in order to run every entity in the county.
Twenty-five Years Ago
Aug. 10, 1988
An environmental protection agency was in Perkins County to investigate possible soil contamination. They took soil samples from a private cropland onto which water from a nearby collection pool had washed. The water had run across a public roadway, into the ditch and onto the private property. The samples were taken to check for the presence of chemicals. The NRD board was concerned whether the parties in question were aware of the proper rules and regulations regarding chemical disposal.
Fifty Years Ago
Aug. 8, 1963
The Junior Farmers 4-H Club presented a stepladder to the Perkins County Community Hospital for use in the linen room.
Members of the club had wanted to do something to help the hospital, and when they found they had sufficient funds to procure the needed stepladder, they purchased one and presented it to the hospital superintendent.

Seventy-Five Years Ago
Aug. 11, 1938
Many parents came to Grant looking for school accommodations for their children.
Many people were not well acquainted here and at a loss to find places without help from others.
Grant residents were asked to help these rural people locate good places to stay at a minimum of cost to maintain a good county high school and encourage young people to attend.
All people who had light housekeeping rooms or planned to offer board and room were urged to let the school know.