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A response to Obamacare PDF Print E-mail

Dear Editor:
I was very pleased to see the Republican response in last week’s paper in response to the article from an Ogallala resident  two weeks ago.
Democrats may not pay too much attention to what Republicans say, but when a prominent Democrat like Max Baucus stands up against his own party and says that Obama-care is going to be a train wreck, you had better sit up and pay attention.
Obamacare was passed during the two years when Democrats had complete and total control in Washington. Even with that, President Obama still had to bribe many states to get their votes, for example the Cornhusker Kickback. But it didn’t stop there. He has since given exemptions to some of his special interests groups, big money contributors, and some public workers.
The higher wage earners will already have health insurance so the only ones left to pay for the people who really don’t want to work or can’t find enough work will be the poor working class people who want to make their own way.
Whenever Republicans try to introduce health insurance reforms the Democrats scream because it affects some of their many special interest groups.                                        
Rolly Coats