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Doo doo unto others

By Dana Harris
Grant City Administrator

Many years ago a friend and I decided you could tell a lot about a person if you knew their answers to three questions: Beatles or Stones? Kirk or Picard? Dogs or cats? I love all animals (yes, all) but if forced to choose I must come down on the side of dogs. I am a dog person.
I love dogs. Dogs have a lot of fabulous traits. However, cats beat dogs hands down in one area—personal hygiene.
Cats bathe themselves and, most importantly for the purpose of this article, cats dig their own toilet and cover it when they are finished.
For those of you unfamiliar with animal characteristics, dogs do NOT do this. Let me repeat, dogs do not clean up their own poop.
(Is she really writing a column about dog poo? Yes.)
One of the most common complaints I receive in my office is about dog doo—in your yard, in your neighbor’s yard, in the park, on the sidewalk! I have been asked to take pictures of it. I have been shown pictures of it. I have been asked to drive by, roll my window down and smell it. So, yes, I drove by, rolled my window down, and was thankful the wind was blowing the other direction.
I really enjoy my job. All joking aside, it says a lot about a community that the worst thing people have to complain about is dog poo. Grant is a pretty great town with a nice quality of life. Still, I don’t enjoy looking at pictures of dog poop!
Now, I have never been a fan of the pooper-scooper. You have to keep it around your dog at all times, that means in your house, your car, with you as you walk to the park. After use you have to wash it off or it smells up your house, your car, your walk to the park. I prefer plastic bags—use any kind, unless of course they have a hole—put the bag around your hand, pick “it” up, take the bag off inside-out like a rubber glove, throw it all away and you are done. Either way, please pick “it” up—your neighbors will be happy and so will the barefoot children in the park!
For you Castle fans you will remember that a plastic dog doo bag helped Castle to solve one of his mysteries. If the character played by Marc Blucas hadn’t been a responsible dog owner he might still be walking around with amnesia! TV buffs will recognize Marc from many roles—my favorite was Riley on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and, of course, you female TV fans will remember that David Boreanaz was the real reason to watch that show…but I digress.
Please, consider your neighbors and pick it up. Doo doo unto others as you would have them doo doo unto you. Thank you!
(Oh, and because I know some of you will ask…Kirk or Picard? Kirk. Beatles or Stones? Springsteen…and Conway Twitty.)