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Celebrate fall—plant a tree PDF Print E-mail

Dear Editor:
I’m not sure I could live in a place where I couldn’t enjoy the changing of the seasons. Nowhere is the transition more noticeable than in the community’s trees. The falling leaves are a reminder that summer once again has come to a close and autumn is upon us.
Sept. 22-28 is “ReTree Nebraska Week.” Several entities are promoting the planting of trees in communities, with the goal of adding one million trees in the state of Nebraska in a ten-year period ending in 2017.
Trees benefit the community in a number of ways. They provide oxygen, decrease pollution, lower heating and cooling costs and provide wildlife habitat, just to name a few.
Mature trees can raise property value up to 37 percent in energy savings and esthetic value.
Fall is an ideal time to add a tree to the landscape. The temperatures have moderated, limiting stress on a new planting. The ground won’t freeze for another two or three months, giving roots plenty of time to take hold.
Just make sure to plant at the proper depth, stake and water well for the next couple months, then resume in spring.    
Make your efforts count—take a few minutes to report your planting on the ReTree Nebraska website: Each contribution will bring us closer to the goal of one million by 2017.
Shari Friedel