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Coach controversy never dies

By Larry Pritchett
Past PCHS activities director

Last week after  UCLA and the Huskers played, I was disappointed in the fact that in another important, televised football game, Nebraska didn’t look like they had a clue at times either on offense or defense.
Then during the week the Deadspin tape got released and Husker Nation started taking sides on whether Coach Pelini should be fired immediately or sooner!
My disappointment with how the Huskers played never ever included firing Coach Pelini as a remedy.
I don’t think the choice of words he used probably helped anything, even with people who back him. But Coach Pelini isn’t always politically correct. He is what he is.  
I would say that the percentage is fairly high for coaches who at one time or another have had a time when fans, parents, administrators, or even players have touched hot buttons—and in places like coaching offices or coaches locker rooms, there have been similar bursts of frustration.         Those places have the same code as Las Vegas advertisements in that, what is said there stays there.
A lot of fans of Nebraska football are very, very, spoiled.
I have been in Nebraska long enough to remember when Coach Devaney went 6-4 two years in a row and people wanted him gone.
Then a couple of National Championships came around and now there is the Devaney Center and a statue of him.
Dr. Tom couldn’t beat Oklahoma, no one else could either, and he had trouble winning bowl games and people wanted him gone.
Then came three National Championships and now the field is named after him and he pretty much has a “Football God” status.
Frank Solich gone, Billy Callahan gone, and Bo is in year six.
You look at the five coaches and their makeup is all different.  
Coach Devaney might not have made it if he had coached in the time of cell phones and cell phone cameras. He liked to have a good time.
Dr. Tom is straight as an arrow, and I think his idea of a good time is way different than Bob Devaney’s.  
Don’t know that much about Solich or Billy but they got fired for one reason or another.
The one thing that Dr. Tom and Devaney did do though was that they changed their approach to things when they thought they needed to and it worked.
They recruited different types of players and were successful. I don’t know if that is what Coach Pelini needs to do or not.  He is pretty confident in his system. If he wins games then some of the shortcomings get to slide a little.
If you don’t win, then those shortcomings become more glaring and get piled on to not enough wins.
I can bet some things will not change with Bo. He is not the warm and fuzzy type at times. I think he is very uncomfortable talking to TV people and at press conferences, etc., but I also think he is better at it now than he was when he started.
It is apparent that the players have confidence in him and that is important. There are a couple of weeks before the Big Ten schedule starts and I hope by then we have some of the problems worked out.
Just a thought, I know it was not a Big Ten team this past weekend, but will the term ‘Quarterback Controversy’ pop up in the near future?
As a sidelight here in our family, this was a big weekend. Grandson Calen and his Dad made their first father-son trip to Memorial Stadium to see a Cornhusker game. That is a big day in both of their lives.
Travis said that Calen did real well and they made it right up to the fourth quarter and even Calen knew that it was a blowout and decided they should go home!
It was past his afternoon nap time, you know.
See you at the games.