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Sawyer News
Jerry and Anita Allan of Alliance took Lois Jones to dinner on Thursday.
Ann and Marcia Rau spent the weekend with Jolene and LeRoy Russell in Beatrice. They attended the Applefest in Nebraska City on Saturday.
Several friends visited Lois Jones on Saturday.
Betty Larsen and Connie Taylor were Saturday supper guests of Casandra and Seth Cockerill to celebrate Corbin’s birthday.
Mike and Peja Taylor were Sunday morning guests of Betty Larsen.


Scarlet Chapeau
Eleven ladies from Scarlet Chapeau traveled to North Platte on Sep. 24, for their monthly birthday outing. They ate a scrumptious lunch at Margie’s and even tempted their taste buds with escargot.
After lunch they traveled to Lincoln County Historical Museum where they received a guided tour by the curator of the museum. They spent a great deal of time at the canteen display where hundreds of volunteers served sandwiches, cookies, angel food cakes, coffee or tea, cigarettes and magazines daily to between 3,000 and 5,000 troops passing through on their way to defend our freedom and the freedom of our allies. Angel food cakes were called birthday cakes for on every train someone had a birthday. Angel food cakes were made because they didn’t require sugar (which was rationed at that time) and turkey egg whites were used because you only needed six instead of the normal 12 of chicken eggs. They didn’t have but 10 minutes to greet and give out their food to the troops and North Platte soon became known as an “oasis a soldier won’t forget.”
Volunteers came from as far away as Kimball. and also in the northeastern part of Colorado. Some of the volunteers knew that their mothers had volunteered or supplied the canteen with fruit, sandwiches and cakes.
The North Platte Canteen Center welcomed all service men and women regardless of rank. Young girls were known for making popcorn balls and putting their names inside the cornball. There are at least one, maybe two, marriages as a result of the popcorn messages!
One highlight of the canteen tour was of a former soldier who pointed out his picture on the large picture of the many men and women who passed through the Canteen. He was in the Navy and served on an aircraft carrier, he joined up when he could in 1944.
From the Canteen the women went on to the Indian ruins where they have traced the family tree of the different tribes who roamed the area, one named Ogalla, hence Ogallala.
After touring on their own our hostess provided us with homemade ice cream, cake, coffee or water. Our hostess was Bev Williams. All agreed it was a very interesting tour and the food, as usual, was outstanding.
Our next meeting is in October at the Armstrong pumpkin patch.