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Audacity of GOP is overwhelming PDF Print E-mail

Dear Editor:
It seems that no deceit or craftiness escapes the Nebraska Republican Party ingenuity—be it attempting to enact repressive voter registration laws, gerrymandering, suppressing immigrants paths to citizenship, depriving pregnant women of pre-natal care, preventing 50 thousand poor Nebraska workers from federally funded expanded Medicaid benefits, and telling half truths and lies to further their special interest agendas. Nothing is missing from their arsenal of dirty tricks.
And now these same Nebraskans have stooped to a new low level as they ask, “Just who are the perpetrators of the selfish, reprehensible and detestable government shutdown?” And this, from the same irrational crazies, that according to Senator Johanns’ report,  have been flooding his media services with  “screams to stop the funding of Obama-care even if it means shutting down the government.” The audacity is overwhelming.
Thank goodness there is one pragmatic view, that of Johanns.  He knows that the ACA (Affordable Care Act) cannot be stopped by shutting down the government.
But the cruelest of the jokes is the one where Republicans are unable to comprehend the president’s refusal to negotiate on a law, the Affordable Care Act, that was duly passed three years ago by both houses of Congress.  Just how many times does the law have to be passed, repassed, and repealed by the House (43 and counting), before it starts working for the betterment of the American people?
Ron Holscher,
Ogallala, Neb.