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Busy weekend of sports

By Larry Pritchett
Past PCHS activities director

This is one of the times each year that a lot of things are happening in the sports world and, depending upon how big of a sports enthusiast you are, it starts to get difficult trying to keep up on all of them.
I have a tendency to have my priority list made and then try to go from there.
Baseball isn’t high on my list until now, the start of the World Series. We have eliminated all but two teams and now it gets interesting. I can’t even get real interested in the playoffs and last weekend gave up on the Red Sox and missed the Grand Slam that got Boston into the finals.
I do think that the World Series will be a good match-up and could be extremely exciting to watch. Will I watch it? That depends on what else is on during that time slot.
There were some good football games over the weekend, both on the professional level and the college level. We were in Lincoln over the weekend, so my priority list was revamped because we were going to visit our family that lives there and, of course, the headliners on my list, the grandsons.
They cut into the football watching, but I never missed the game at all. Both the boys play a mean game of catch even if the ball hits them in the nose a lot.
I was excited for a little while as KU jumped off to a 13-point lead over Oklahoma, but before you could even get a couple of ‘Rock Chalk’s’ out, the Sooners started to score and I went back to waiting for KU basketball to start.
The Big 12 does have the scoring machine Baylor and Saturday they put 70 points on the board again. Iowa State scored late in the game and Baylor then proceeded to run the kickoff back for a touchdown to get into the 70s. Some announcer said that Baylor should have taken a knee but maybe Iowa State should tackle someone that has the ball.
I would think it would be a bigger embarrassment for the Bears to take a knee than to run with the ball. You always, as the defensive team, have the option to defend.
Sunday I didn’t see much football again as we were coming back to Grant, but I wanted to get home to watch the Colts and the Broncos. I thought that would be a very closely contested game and it turned out to be close score-wise, but the Colts and Andrew Luck played much better than the Broncos did, especially early in the game.         I still thought the Broncos were going to pull the game out, but a fumble on the two will kill you and it did.
The Patriots and the Jets had an overtime game. I didn’t see that one coming and the Jets won it and I didn’t see that coming either, but Tom Brady doesn’t have anyone to throw the ball to anymore.
Do you think he would like to have Wes Welker and Danny Woodhead back? Both of them are doing okay with their new teams. The Patriots lost on a controversial call on a field goal.
The Jets’ kicker missed but the Patriots were called for pushing a teammate in the middle of the line. It is a new rule that had not been called once this year. Chris Jones was called for unsportsmanlike conduct for pushing his teammate “into the opponents’ formation.”
The call gave the Jets a first down and they ran three more plays and this time the Jets’ kicker, Nick Folk, kicked the winner. It’s not like the Jets and Patriot’s fans get too excited about the games.
A Jet fan punched a woman on the way out of the stadium after an altercation and another Patriots fan was quoted on a blog, “It was nice to see Ray Charles, Helen Keller and Stevie Wonder got a job officiating the Jets and Patriots game today.”
The Nebraska and Minnesota game will be on ESPN this Saturday with the kick-off slated for 10 a.m. MT. So now you can watch Game Day and see if anyone other than comedian Bill Murray will “body slam” Lee Corso this weekend. The next guy might have to wait in line for that option. It was kind of funny and even Corso smiled a little.
See you at the games!