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By Christy Sheets
Sports Writer
The Wallace Wildcats competed in the RPAC Conference on Monday, Oct. 21 in Paxton. Their first opponent was the Tigers of Maywood.
The Lady Cats started the match on fire. They took the first two sets pretty handily, but the Tigers rallied late in the third to force the Cats to play a fourth set. In the fourth set neither team was willing to give in, but in the end the Wildcats were able to string two points together to win the set and the match. The Lady Cats won 25-15, 25-10, 22-25, and 31-29.
Leading the team offensively against the Maywood Tigers was senior Alexandria Lundvall (five aces) with 21 points, followed closely by senior Sara Hubbard with 17 points (11 aces). Freshman Maggie May had 11 points (four aces), junior Mickayla Sheets had five points (two aces), junior Christina Daniels had four points (three aces), and junior Morgan Messersmith had three points.
Leading the team with set assists was Lundvall with 47, followed by Sheets with four.
Defensively, Daniels led the team with 26 kills and five blocks, followed by Hubbard with 10 kills. Junior Hayley Storm had seven kills, senior Paige Aylward had two kills and one block and Sheets and senior Jaclyn Nelson each had one kill.
Wallace vs. Paxton
In their second match of the night the Lady Cats had to face the Tigers of Paxton. This match was a battle from the start, neither team wanting to relinquish the lead. Unfortunately for the Cats, the Tigers won the match in four sets, 16-25, 22-25, 26-24, and 11-25.
In the first set, the Wildcats were tough, and the Tigers seemed to be battling nerves, as the Cats took an early lead 8 to 2. Unfortunately for the Cats the Tigers were methodical and slowly started to settle down, and began to build a lead. The Tigers were able to close the first set 16-25.
In the second set, the Broncos started out with the early lead. The Wildcats clawed their way back into the set, and started to build confidence and momentum. Unfortunately, for the Wildcats they just ran out of time. The Tigers squeaked out the second set 22 to 25.
In the third set both teams were ready for battle, but the Wildcats worked hard to regain their momentum from the second set. The Lady Cats took turns pounding the ball to the court and refusing to let the ball fall on their side. The Cats managed to take the lead, but the Tigers rallied to bring the set to 24-all. The Cats continued to fight and won the hard fought set 26-24.
In the fourth set the Lady Cats seemed deflated. After working so hard in the third set, the Lady Cats seemed to struggle to stay focused. They would make some amazing plays and then they would fall short.
The Tigers dominated the court, as the Lady Cats team slowly conceded the set. The match came to a close with the Broncos leading 11-25.
Leading the team offensively against the Broncos was May (two aces) with eight points. Lundvall (one ace), Hubbard (one ace), Sheets (one ace), and Daniels each had six points, and Morgan Messersmith (one ace) had five points.     
Leading the team with set assists was Lundvall with 39, followed by Daniels with one.
Defensively, Daniels led the team with 22 kills and one block, followed by Storm with 11 kills and one block. Aylward had three kills, Hubbard had one kill and one block, and Sheets had one kill.
The Lady Cats faced the Broncos of Wauneta-Palisade at home on Tuesday, Oct. 29.