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Continue caution before and after school PDF Print E-mail

Dear Editor:
The time change not only marks the end of daylight saving, but also the end of having crossing guards help kids safely cross the highway before and after school, until resuming in the spring.
We have been blessed with mostly good weather and thankfully, no accidents.
As a regular crossing guard, I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The kids are always pleasant and friendly, and more often than not, say, “thank you.”
On Halloween, I handed out treats to all the kids making their way home on foot, and each and every one, without exception, thanked me. That is to be commended. It’s a good reflection on the kids as well as the parents in this community.
Drivers: Although there will not be a crossing guard at the corner, there might be kids still choosing to walk. Please remain diligent before school and in the afternoon when school lets out.
We have been fortunate so far with no mishaps, let’s continue that trend.

Shari Friedel