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What a win

By Larry Pritchett
Past PCHS activities director

Social media was wild after the Husker’s dramatic “Hail Mary” win over Northwestern last Saturday.
Facebook and some blogs on the internet went crazy with all kinds of ideas of what the Ron Kellogg to Jordan Westerkamp pass with no time left on the clock did for Nebraska’s season. A lot of contributors were quick to point out that the win saved Coach Pelini’s job until at least the next loss.
The people who always love the second team quarterback more than the first team quarterback now fell in love with the third team quarterback. I didn’t see anyone saying that Nebraska should move into the top 10 ratings or even if this win would push them into the conference championship game but I am sure that some think it will.
Although the game had a very exciting finish and one that for sure helped Nebraska, maybe the biggest thing accomplished was a big ‘W’ and they became bowl eligible. Northwestern now has lost five games in a row. Ohio State they are not.
Nebraska still has problems eight games into the season and every game left on the schedule will be a tough one.
I thought Nebraska played better on defense, especially when they kept Northwestern from scoring after Tommy Armstrong, Jr. was intercepted late in the fourth quarter. The interception gave Northwestern a first and goal inside the 10, but the Blackshirts only gave up a 21-yard field goal and that set the stage for the come from behind victory.
Westerkamp’s catch, his first career catch for a touchdown, probably is the most exciting catch since Matt Davison’s touchdown off the leg of a teammate against Missouri that kept the 1997 National Championship drive alive.
Ameer Abdullah also had a good day as he ran 24 times for 127 yards, but his biggest play came when the Huskers were trying to keep their last drive alive. Kellogg was in trouble on a fourth and 15 when he got the ball to Abdullah who fought his way to the first down marker and actually got an extra yard for the first down.
I really think if the Huskers had lost on Saturday, Coach Pelini would have found the flames getting a lot warmer. It might have taken a lot of ice to keep things cool for him. Losing back-to-back games to Minnesota and to Northwestern would have united the Bohaters maybe to a fever pitch.
At least for a couple of days the talk will be about Kellogg’s throw, the tip and Westerkamp being in the right spot at the right time and making the catch. You can bet the play will be on ESPN for a few days this week.
How about going opposite of a very closely fought football game and move it to the high school level and then discuss if one team winning 91-0 would be considered “bullying” by the defeated team? Only in Texas could this happen I think.
I have two brothers who have coached in Texas and one of them was a pretty successful football coach. If you haven’t heard, they take their football in a very serious manner there.
Aledo High School defeated Fort Worth Western Hills 91-0 earlier this season, and one of the parents from FWWH filed a complaint with the Aledo school district stating that everyone in the football stadium was a witness to the bullying.
Under Texas state law, school districts must investigate all bullying complaints. The school district found no grounds to support the allegations.
Texas has no “mercy rules” in high school football. Nebraska does have a mercy rule in that if one team is up 35 points in the second half there is a running clock. Texas high school football is such that most coaches would vote down a mercy rule.
I guess they still believe a team has the option to defend.         
Maybe better scheduling would help if that is possible.
The Aledo football team has 45 seniors this year and their coach said that maybe next year a mercy rule might be a good thing for his team. What goes around comes around.