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Things are better left alone

By Jo McCormick
Madrid Resident

Deck the halls with boughs of holly...
‘Tis the season to be jolly...
Don we now our “gay” apparel...
As we sing a yuletide carol...
Well, there it is - in all its politically incorrect glory!
Come on now, Hallmark - REALLY–what is “gay” apparel anyway? My dictionary defines “gay” as happy, carefree, merry, brightly colored, ornamental, jaunty, sporty, and full of our given to lighthearted pleasure.
That’s the first four definitions. So here goes definition #5: Rakish libertine. A libertine completely lacks moral restraint so is a profligate. A profligate is one lost or insensible to principle, virtue or decency. A rakish is dissolute and lewd; a rouse. A rouse is a sensualist, a debauchee. A debauchee is corrupt morally, habitually profligate, drunken or lewd.
Hallmark, you spout your political correctness all you want, but as for me I will sing the song as it was written–with “gay” meaning its first four definitions. Why, oh why, must we espouse political correctness into everything.
If someone chooses to be “gay” according to the fifth definition–so be they. They are members of the human race, we should love them as such, but we do not have to condone their choices and I’d appreciate it if they didn’t tell me I need to because that will never happen. Judgment is God’s job.
When I next visit with you it will be 2014–HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I have a January column sketched out–but thereafter I will use excerpts from a narrative I have been working on called “It’s My Party - I Will Cry.” It starts with my conception to, so far, 2013 and me in my 75th year.
Hey, this could be my “Swan Song” couldn’t it? But, Deo V0lente I’ll be seeing you.