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Tribune-Sentinel seeks help in improving publication PDF Print E-mail

The staff at the Grant Tribune-Sentinel is always looking to improve the paper, and is asking the public for help.
Below is a community survey. The Tribune-Sentinel staff asks that the survey be filled out by as many readers as possible and returned to the Tribune-Sentinel office (PO Box 67, 327 Central Ave., Grant, NE 69140) or sent in via FAX: (308) 352-4101, e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , visit our Facebook page or call (308) 352-4311.
All surveys can be anonymous. The staff is currently looking to re-design the paper and improve the overall look and content of the Tribune-Sentinel. The new look to the paper will be implemented in January.


Please answer the following questions:

Are you a regular reader of the Grant Tribune-Sentinel?
How often do you read the Grant Tribune-Sentinel?
How many people in your household read your Grant Tribune-Sentinel?
What is the average time spent reading the paper?
Do you read everything or just certain parts?
Do you have a favorite section/page?
Do you read other newspapers?

Is there adequate coverage of:
Y/N community events        Y/N sports        Y/N school
Y/N agriculture        Y/N editorials
What would you like to see more of?
What would you like to see less of?
Are the stories too long, too short?
Do the captions adequately describe photos?
Are typographical errors a large issue?


Is the type large enough to read?
Are headlines too large, too small?
Is the organization/labeling of pages easy to follow?
Does the order of pages make sense?
Are the pictures large enough?
Should there be more, or fewer photos?_____
Is the paper printed neatly or too dark/too light?


If a regular reader, do you read inserts?
Are ads within the paper easy to read and placed logically?
Are there too many, too few on a page?
Are there some businesses you would like to see advertising more?


Overall, any other improvements you’d like to see: