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City to explore meter situation further PDF Print E-mail

By Tim Linscott
Managing Editor
You may want to sit down to read this: The estimate for the cost of 630 water meters in Grant is $1.3 million.
Water meter estimates for the City of Grant have been loosely compiled by city engineer Tom Werblow of TC Engineering.
Dana Harris, city administrator for the City of Grant, noted that only one and two inch line services are included in the estimate. All three to four inch line services would require a larger meter, which were easily twice the cost per unit than estimated by Werblow.
Werblow felt it would be sufficient to do commercial meters now and residential later. His report to the council indicated that he estimates 15 percent of water users are not ‘following the rules.’
Werblow felt around 20 percent more taps could be discovered than previously thought in the city.
Grant Mayor Michael Wyatt and council member Bob Tatum explained that everyone they have talked to is in favor of meters, however, paying for them has come into question.
“How do we pay for them? Thirty year bond? How will this affect people’s water bill?” Tatum posed to Wyatt and the council.
Wyatt felt more information was needed from the public on the situation before moving forward.
The subject was tabled until more information could be gathered on the subject.