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Farm Bureau delegates attend conference PDF Print E-mail

Nebraska Farm Bureau’s voting delegates reinforced the need for property tax relief adopting a handful of resolutions targeted to lessening the property tax burden on Nebraska farm and ranch families as part of the organization’s 96th Annual Convention held Dec. 8-10 in Kearney.
Delegates adopted resolutions calling for any new sales taxes collected on the final consumption of goods or services to be used to provide property tax relief. Resolutions to modify the state aid to schools formula to provide a per-student base level of funding for all schools also passed the delegate body.
The resolution stemmed from concerns that numerous rural schools do not currently receive any state equalization aid. The lack of state support leaves local property taxes to carry the full burden.  
Outside of tax discussions, delegates reiterated their support for the state’s Livestock Friendly County program Funding for statewide water projects and programs was also a central topic of delegate discussion.
Delegates reiterated their belief that funding for the water programs should come from a local/state mix and funding for programs should come from broad-based sources of funding.
The protection of propriety farm data was also discussed by delegates in the context of the evolution of on-farm technology and farm data collected through the use of that technology.
Delegates noted their opposition to a little known provision in the federal Affordable Health Care Act that prevents small business owners from receiving a federal health insurance tax credit for family workers covered under the businesses health care coverage.