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Winning is a wondrous healer

By Larry Pritchett
Past PCHS activities director

The bowl season is almost over and by the time this is printed it will be. Since I usually do this on Sunday evenings, we just have the big bowl left and that is the BCS championship. To be played, of course, on Monday, Jan. 6. The Florida State and Auburn Championship game might hold up in excitement but some of the other bowl games were fun to watch.
There are still too many bowl games, but it creates games that maybe will keep a coach hired or get him fired. You can be eligible for a bowl with six wins and going to a bowl game with six wins–then losing might in many cases give you seven losses.
The Nebraska win over Georgia at least left a lot better taste in your mouth with another year of nine wins but a lot of people will only look at another season of four losses.
A win is an ointment that heals a lot of wounds and I think Coach Pelini must have felt some of that healing because you actually got to see him smile after the game. He was kind to the media when they still asked him some really silly questions after the game and I am sure that was difficult for him, but he got it done.
Nebraska and Michigan State were the only Big10 teams that got wins in the bowl games as Iowa, Wisconsin, Ohio State, Michigan and Minnesota all lost. Not a good showing for the Big10 but when you play them on the field you actually will need more points than your opponents as opposed to the talking heads on the sports shows that give you 100 reasons, why Podunk U will beat Podunk State when they play.
If you remember, Lou Holtz and Mark May said there was no way that Oklahoma could be the best team ever in Alabama even after the Tide had lost in that fluke happening to Auburn. It was hard to yell for OU but was easier to do that than yell for The Crimson Tide bunch. OU’s win didn’t look like a fluke.
The weekend was tough on me in basketball. Nebraska played at Ohio State and after staying close for most of the first half ended up getting pounded pretty good by the end of the game.
The Huskers have some big guys, but they don’t have inside players. They get beat up on the boards and do not get very many scores inside. If the threes fall they look pretty good but when they don’t fall there is some ugly that hits the floor.
The Creighton Bluejays are the best Division One team in Nebraska and they have gotten off to a pretty good start in their new conference. The Big East is a strong basketball conference and Coach McDermott’s team has beaten Marquette at Omaha and Seaton Hall in New Jersey.
It is becoming more and more evident that Creighton has one of the best players in the nation in Doug McDermott, but he has more than just a decent supporting cast. The team isn’t deep in players but they have seven or so that play really well together. You can do fantastic things with outstanding team play.
Of course, Sunday afternoon I was primed to watch some pro football playoff games around the Kansas and San Diego State basketball game at Allen Field House in Lawrence.
SDSU is a good basketball team and they won the game and led it most of the way. It was the first game the Jayhawks had lost at home in 68 games. That was difficult to watch, but it was a good game.
The other event that stuck out this past week was the firing of a number of coaches in the NFL. Why would anyone want to coach at any level? I might just leave that as a question to be commented on another day!