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Traveling by a different road

By Pastor Nora Mendyk
United Methodist Church, Grant

While driving, have you ever turned on to a street and thought, “This just doesn’t feel right.” You look over and see the One Way sign as you are going the wrong way. Turn off or turn around! One way roads are nice if you are traveling in the right direction! We need to heed warnings as we travel.
One warning would be: When traveling by airplane to the East Coast in the winter time, don’t go by way of Chicago– travel by a different road– go by way of Atlanta or Dallas. You have less chance of delays or even worse a lay-over.
Travel warnings abound in the Bible. After Jesus was born, Joseph and Mary were warned not to take the same road back home. They were to go by a different road to Egypt to escape Herod’s evil plot to kill Jesus. Likewise, the Three Wise Men were warned not to go back to Herod on their way home, but travel by a different road.
Are there attitudes you embraced in 2013 that did you no good? God is warning you– don’t go back there. Travel by another road. The word repent means to ‘turn around.’ What is it that you need to turn from? What is God warning you about? What would it mean for you to go in another direction?
God has a one way street assigned to all of us. He designed us and He will help us get on the right road in the right direction.
What does ‘traveling by a different road’ mean for you? God not only warns us, but He wants to give us a vision, a model by which to travel– our star in the East. What vision will guide you in 2014? Will you put first things first? Will you keep the main thing, the main thing? Will you give the Kingdom of God priority?
Many folks eliminate a lot of hassles when they fly by not taking big suitcases. If it doesn’t fit in the carry-on bag, it doesn’t go. This attitude gives the traveler a lot of freedom from worrying if their bags will make it with them to their destination, freedom from waiting in line, and freedom from retrieving baggage. Traveling light saves them.
Traveling light with Jesus as our guide saves us. He gives us freedom from worry, and freedom from time spent on non-purposeful activity. His advice? Travel light. Unforgiveness is a heavy burden to carry. If you put it in your carry-on bag, there will be no room left for anything else.
Seek the different road God has designed for you. God made you with your individual talents and gifts. He has a vision just for you—a unique road designed to give you passion for His kingdom. You can be assured that His plan for you is a part of His Big Plan. How exciting is that? Imagine getting up every morning with God’s vision for you! “I am a child of God created to grow His kingdom.” “I am a kingdom builder in my home, my family, my community.” “I was born to help God take care of His creation.”
Travel by a different road. Seek the road God has designed for you. Make your map be His Word. Make your guide be His Son. You will be a new creation!