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West View chosen as name for retirement complex

By Brooke Pankonin

One Year Ago
Jan. 10, 2013
Starting the new year in a new job and new location was Grant’s recently hired city administrator, Dana Harris. Harris replaced former city administrator Tyson McGreer who resigned in August 2012 to accept a position in Kansas.

Ten Years Ago
Jan. 8, 2004
Changes in federal regulations allowed use of Life Flight of Denver and their Lear Jet 25 to land and take off from the local airport, making it possible to transport an emergency patient to Denver in 25 minutes. Before, the patient had to be transferred to Ogallala or Imperial for a jet.

Twenty-five Years Ago
Jan. 11, 1989
Members of the Perkins County Retirement Association chose a name for the proposed retirement complex in Grant. The name West View was chosen by a vote of PRCA members to be the official name. The name was chosen from three presented to PCRA members. Other names which were considered were Country View Estates and West Side Park. Approximately 30 names were originally submitted.

Fifty Years Ago
Jan. 2, 1964
An estimated 200,000 Nebraskans were infected with tuberculosis germs. Every few days one of these people would break down with active tuberculosis. Nebraska’s goal of eradication was to be achieved by finding those cases and treat them before they infected others.

Seventy-Five Years Ago
Jan. 12, 1939
The English 12 students of Perkins County High School became foreign correspondents to Austria, Africa, Ireland, Sweden, Scotland, Hawaii (not yet a U.S. state,) Cylon, and India. The students wrote to foreign friends whose names were secured from the International Student Society. They told of themselves, their hobbies, school, church, geography, transportation, holidays, etc.