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Corn board director against EPA proposal PDF Print E-mail

Dear Editor:
The Environmental “Protection” Agency (EPA) is proposing to reduce the amount of corn ethanol in our nation’s fuel supply in 2014 by some 1.4 billion gallons less than prescribed by the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS).
It’s disappointing that EPA—the government agency responsible for protecting the environment (it is their name, after all!)—is proposing to cut back on a fuel that improves air quality, reduces toxic engine emissions, and does not pollute the water or soil. Apparently, they prefer to bend to the wishes of Big Oil and its petroleum-based fuels that generate toxic exhaust and harmful particulate matter, create choking air pollution, and devastate our oceans, land and wildlife with oil spills.
The Renewable Fuel Standard was passed by Congress. So EPA—and its staff of non-elected officials—is circumventing Congressional action and choosing to change the rules by administrative declaration.
EPA’s proposed revision in the required volume of corn ethanol is completely arbitrary and violates the intent of the law in my opinion. We should be expanding our renewable fuels infrastructure, not stifling it. We should be increasing the volume of ethanol in our fuel supply, not reducing it. We should be strengthening our commitment to energy independence, cleaner air and consumer choice, not making it weaker.
This is not a done deal. EPA is accepting comments on its proposal until January 28, 2014. Anyone who has seen the benefits of a strong agricultural economy—or anyone who believes that America needs to continue its quest to become energy independent—needs to weigh in on this proposal, and do it now.
You can send your comment directly to EPA by visiting
Tell the EPA to live up to its name and actually protect the environment.
Jon Holzfaster
District 8 Director
Nebraska Corn Board
Paxton, Nebraska