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Perkins County is best place on earth PDF Print E-mail

Dear Editor:
I just had another amazing weekend in God’s country, Perkins County, Nebraska.
We are truly blessed that God placed us here.
Saturday night we went to Mass then went to watch the PC basketball games. They always play hard but it ended pretty exciting for the boys. Our grandson made the three at the end of the game to send it into overtime. I’m not sure who was most surprised by his “bank shot”.....his parents, his grandpa, and mostly the coach and maybe even Matt. They ended up winning the game! Good job PC.
On Sunday, we went to a benefit for a young Elsie couple who had a premature baby. As I was sitting against the wall during the auction, I looked over the room full of people and thought to myself, “We really do live in an awesome place.”
Then, Sunday evening, we went to Rosary for a very special man. We will miss you, Louie, every time we attend Mass in Elsie from now on.
But what really sticks in my mind and heart is a little boy with an outstretched arm trying to touch the picture badge of Matt that I was wearing after the ball game on Saturday. I had just introduced myself to Eli. After touching the picture, I told him that was my grandson and he’d played basketball. His comment was, “Is he fast?” I told him he was fast and he’d have to come to a track meet and see how fast he is. I wanted to give him a big “Grandma hug” but knew that was not the thing to do.
I walked off to our car but almost had an emotional breakdown. You see, this little boy is autistic. Something I knew nothing about other than it afflicts a growing number of young people and adults.
Eli’s dad had the program at Rotary last Wednesday on autism. That was very eye opening for me. I just keep hearing Tim say that he just wants us to understand. Not what their family is going through but what autism is. I truly feel God gives special kids to special families and this is a special family.
I am sure if you stop by the Tribune office and talk to Tim, he’d be more than willing to give his presentation to any organization or group in the area. There is a wealth of information out there and I plan to do more research, as I feel God placed this family in our community for a reason for me. I need to be more understanding of everyone, regardless of age.
I was raised to live my religion, not wear it, but I truly do believe I was placed here in Perkins County for a reason!! It’s the best place on God’s earth!!
Be still and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10

Donna Burge