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Bring on some heat

By Jo McCormick
Madrid Resident

Brrr! It is January is it not? It’s supposed to be cold outside–no? But there is one place where it should not be cold–Golden Ours residents rooms. Some are more so than others.
Maintenance personnel are for the most part very proficient, but they are not miracle workers. The present heating system is antiquated. How do I know? It was there when I was still working at GOCH full time–and I am quite sure I am antiquated.
Why in God’s name would we expect our elders, our forerunners, those who prepared our way to inhabit this county, to be kept in cold storage?
Because of money? Supposedly it was there for rehabilitation of GOCH. New premise brought to light since I first chose this topic for Cogitation. That money was spent to make the commons areas ‘Look’ better to the public. I have to admit it does. That was the first thing I noticed when I was living at Assisted Living at Park Ridge and commuting myself back and forth to GOCH to do some volunteering. So it was money well spent. However, I am so very glad to hear money will be budgeted in the coming year for the rehab of Golden Ours “living quarters” (rooms) again.
So, if our beloved residents can weather the cold this winter maybe they can be all toasty warm next January. I pray the project does not get “shelved” so all energy can be directed to hospital expansion.
I keep hearing on TV that the future of health care will be regional. Intermediate hospital stops will be for emergency and stabilization measures to enable us to get to regional facilities. I myself, got regionalized twice from Perkins County Community Hospital in years past.
“It’s My Party – I Will Cry” is still on tap to begin next month, February.
God willing – see you then. Jo