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Long road ahead, but well worth the trip PDF Print E-mail

By Tim Linscott
Managing Editor
On average, it seems that it takes a municipality about two years to get a Community Redevelopment Authority (CRA) up and running.
I again applaud the Grant City Council for its diligence in progressing in addressing the housing need locally. A CRA can do more than help with housing, it can help rehabilitate buildings/structures, bring in new businesses and so much more after being established.
After talking with the Village of Madrid’s chairman of the village board, Tim Moore, everyone in the state can use Madrid’s example of how to fully utilize a CRA to better improve your community.
Entire blocks have been redeveloped, getting rid of old buildings and providing for new ones to be built, industry brought in and streets paved, not to mention a new sewer plant coming soon, are just some of the many things the village has been able to do since establishing a CRA.
These examples provide for business opportunities and entice people to move to town and allows stability to the citizens for the future.
Venango ramped its vision of the future in July and will be putting it into action later this year. Again, they are doing this for the future, to provide a quality of life for its citizens today and years to come.
I have long been a proponent of looking to the future. I have been the saver in my family, the one who looked toward protecting for the rainy day.
After I had children I really became the person who puts money aside and does things for tomorrow. I exercise so I can be healthy enough to see my kids graduate and get married and I can have grandkids. I can then spoil those grandkids, teach them things like how to drum on pots and pans and then take the tykes home.
I save money so I can sit on my back deck, sipping a good drink, watching the sunset with my spouse and not have to worry about the lights being shut off.
Municipalities have to have this same mentality.
Worry about tomorrow. When clay tile water pipes were installed in the early 1900s, no one thought at the time of the consequences until 100 years later when entire blocks-worth of pipe were collapsing. Now, technology has evolved and plastic pipes will guarantee 100 years and beyond of protection.
This is also true of financial planning. A CRA will allow generations to come to save, protect and adjust to life in the future. Technology will change, however, the need to plan for the future will never cease.