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Grant Lions Club helps Elsie resident get Leader Dog

By Brooke Pankonin

One Year Ago
Feb. 14, 2013
A new commissioner was assigned in District 3 to fill the void of the late James Deaver. Steve Tucker of Venango was sworn in following a half day of interviews in the Perkins County courtroom. Deaver was still serving as a commissioner in the county at the time of his death—a role he had filled since 1978.

Ten Years Ago
Jan. 29, 2004
Over 20 residents with a vision for the future invested their money and their time in development of an ethanol plant that could be built and producing 8,500 gallons of ethanol by the end of June. That same plant would have the capability of producing 100,000 gallons over the span of one year which would qualify for tax credit incentive. An estimated 35 jobs created for the first phase of the project could easily turn into twice that with business opportunities that could potentially take place.

Twenty-five Years Ago
Feb. 15, 1989
The late Earl Sparks of Elsie got a new friend and outlook on life thanks, in part, to the Grant Lions Club. Sparks, who had been blind for three years, received a Leader Dog from Leader Dogs for The Blind, operated by Lions Club in Rochester, Mich. The dog, Lucky, was a black Labrador Retriever who was trained to provide the means whereby blind men and women could seek the same opportunities as any other citizen.

Fifty Years Ago
Feb. 13, 1964
Accident studies indicated that the highest percentage of farm work accidents occurred during the late morning and mid-afternoon hours. The Grant FFA Chapter recommended that when working with a tractor farmers should stop long enough to get off the tractor and walk around the machine. If possible, the tractor should be turned off for a few minutes. Farm wives were encouraged to help by packing a mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack and taking it to the field. This served as a reminder to their husbands that the time had come for a few minutes off from the routine of field work. It also provided an excellent opportunity for children to watch their fathers operate the machines.

Seventy-Five Years Ago
Feb. 16, 1939
The mumps epidemic swept to a new high in the Grant grade school as a daily average absence of 30 pupils was recorded in the entire school. Up to that point, approximately 90 pupils and two teachers had been victims of the disease.