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It’s my party, I will cry

By Jo McCormick
Madrid Resident

The following saga really began, in my guesstimation, about early December in 1937 in the oil fields of Wyoming.
My progenitors were in Wyoming because my Dad worked in the oil fields. My mom to be was there to develop a life-long dislike of Wyoming. She didn’t feel well a lot of the time and got to blaming it on Wyoming.
Well, I have a letter somewhere in my archives that my grandmother wrote her and said, “I am pretty sure it is not Wyoming that is making you sick. I think you are pregnant.” Anyway, before I made the world scene we were all back in GOOD OLD NEBRASKA!!
We will skip ahead now until Aug. 19, 1938. I wonder where I am—sure is dark in here. Oh no, something else just bumped into me—I’m so scared. I hear a voice speaking to me; or us, ‘cause I think something else is in here too.’
“Well, I see you two have met. Let me introduce myself---I am God. I will always be close by. I will always love and care for you. Since you two have met and connected, I can cross off number one in my project for your party (life.) I am God, your heavenly Father. I will be back daily to check on how you are doing. Oh, by the way, you will have a daily assignment to accomplish.” He was oh, so true to His word. Everyday, project book in hand, He came to poke and prod and give me my assignment for that day –“growing” He called it.
Early on in His visits, He seemed so happy when He said, “your little heart is ticking right along and your soul is in place. Soon all your other inside parts will be ready to do what they should.. you are one wonderful God created being, but you have oh, so many changes and challenges yet to come. You are doing very well with your growing assignments.”
He seemed quite pleased with me.
Another day He told me I was one-of-a-kind—no other would be just like me. On another of His visits He said to me, “I have special things for you to do later on in your party—your life.”
After a whole lot more visits He said, “All is looking good. You are growing fast and looking more like ‘you’ everyday.”
Wonder what He meant by that?
I’m sure He will let me know when I need to know. Stay in touch for some exciting, exhausting news.
Deo Valente, see you next time. Jo