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Great week of basketball

By Larry Pritchett
Past PCHS activities director

This past week, despite my NCAA bracket going down the tubes, was still a pretty good week if you love basketball. Thursday and Friday of last week, the two days with the most absenteeism in the U.S. workforce, found me not in the office but in my Lazy Boy watching the NCAA tournament. There were upsets, there were close games and there were a few blowouts, but all-in-all there were a lot of really good games to watch.
My attempt to help a friend with the Billion dollars Warren Buffett bracket didn’t last long. I knew I wanted to pick Mercer over Duke but something told me Duke should be the more talented team. I should have tried to watch Mercer on TV more during the season, but I don’t think they were ever on national TV this season.
Then there was Dayton. Dayton I had at least heard about through the years, but they shouldn’t beat Ohio State, but I was wrong again.
I already had my share of the Billion budgeted into some areas of need but I quickly rethought my wants and needs and decided I really didn’t need anything I wanted.
Maybe next year with more research we can be more successful. I really feel badly for giving out bad advice and probably keeping my friend from winning the Buffett Billion contest.
Nebraska kept their record intact by losing to Baylor in the opening round. With a weak inside attack, the Huskers have had to attack using the three-ball a lot and by slashing to the basket.
Baylor has great length, as the announcer like to say these days, and I notice that whenever they say that the team is really tall. Baylor pretty much used their size to keep the Huskers away and the three ball didn’t fall much so if you live by the three you can die by the three and usually it is a horrible, wicked death.
Baylor is a pretty good basketball team and they showed it again on Sunday night as they dismembered Creighton the same way they did Nebraska. It would appear that Baylor is Nebraska State College Champion this year.
Creighton’s loss ended the career of Doug McDermott. McDermott ended up as the fifth leading scorer in NCAA history and he was fun to watch because he had such great shooting form and worked extremely hard to get open.
Although it was a good basketball week the Nebraska teams losing and then my favorite group the Jayhawks also broke down and lost to Stanford. So, I have no real teams now to root for but the four teams that I picked to get to the final four are still alive and I can yell for them.
The Big Ten still has Michigan State, Michigan and Wisconsin playing in the Sweet 16 and that is a pretty good showing for the conference. I have Michigan State, Louisville, Arizona and Florida getting to the final four. Don’t know if they can all make it, but I think they have a good chance.
Starting Thursday we can all get excited again as the Sweet 16 starts and Monday thru Wednesday we can watch NIT games.
This past weekend, thanks to the efforts of Jason and Deanne Bishop, the Perkins County Alumni tournament was held. This year they got a little bit of volleyball included so there were a number of former Perkins County athletes showing off their skills.
I really enjoy this weekend because you do get to see a lot of former players and students who come back to participate. There is a range of age in this group of athletes and it is interesting to see how well some of the older ones still can play.
I don’t think there were hardly any that hit the floor that didn’t in their mind think that they could shoot, jump and run with anyone but some of their bodies just were not cooperating. But there were flashes of days gone by but sometimes the flashes were a number of minutes apart, sometimes stretching into hours or maybe over the two days the players were here.
The one thing that hadn’t diminished much was the competitive drive that most athletes have. They still like to win. They don’t like to be defeated. Those two attributes are why athletes in Perkins County have been successful through the years. I hope that we never lose that.
Good time, some competition and some tales about days gone by. Those are qualities of a great weekend. A big thank you to the Bishops for putting the time and effort into getting this activity up and running last year and for keeping it going this year.