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Senator stops in Grant on campaign trail PDF Print E-mail

By Tim Linscott
Managing Editor
Nebraska Senator Pete Pirsch of Omaha was in Grant last Thursday (March 20) for the  Midwest Electric annual meeting, hoping to spread the word about his campaign to become the next attorney general of Nebraska.
Pirsch has been a criminal prosecutor for the city of Omaha and sat on the Nebraska Crime Commission, accomplishments he said makes him suited to be attorney general.
His mother, Carol, was a senator in the 10th district from 1979 to 1997.
There are some major issues that Pirsch will tackle if elected.
Pirsch considers the western part of the state ‘Real Nebraska’ and knows that water rights is a key issue to maintaining economic viability in the region.
Defending Nebraska against Kansas and Colorado in regard to water rights is what Pirsch will do as attorney general.
“I have built up a knowledge of where we are at in respect to preserving our water rights and our water resource against the state of Kansas,” Pirsch said.
Helping the number one economic force in the state, agriculture, stay viable  is what Pirsch has done in the past and will continue to do if elected attorney general.
“Agriculture practices are under attack from external forces,” Pirsch said. “A few years ago HSUS (Humane Society of San Francisco) out of San Francisco began organizing in Nebraska and has the goal of eliminating all agriculture in the state. I fired a shot over their bow and came up with a constitutional amendment to take on HSUS to ban the abridgement of Nebraskans’ right to hunt and fish. Standing up for Nebraska agriculture is a big issue for me.”
Making sure the federal government doesn’t ‘overstep boundaries’ is important to Pirsch.
The Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) is another issue Pirsch feels strongly about  and wants to address the issue as attorney general.
“When the government crosses over the line in respect to the Constitution, it is up to the attorney general to take a stand,” Pirsch said.
Other issues he wishes to continue dealing with as attorney general include making a safer state for families.
Pirsch has worked with the attorney general’s office in his tenure as a senator and the transition into that role would be easy for the Omaha native.