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2013 saw reduction in calls to sheriff PDF Print E-mail

Calls processed by the Perkins County Sheriff’s Department were down in 2013.
A total of 2,319 calls were handled by the sheriff’s department in 2013, a 21 percent decrease for the department.
Perkins County Sheriff Jim Brueggeman explained that the totals were down because of self-reliance.
“Some people are not calling in things they used to and are trying to do a better job of handling private disputes amongst themselves and neighbors without involving law enforcement first,” Brueggeman said.
Serious crimes were down in the county and Brueggeman attributes that to better patrols by deputies and the criminal justice system stepping up to set examples.
“Over the last several years we’ve made a number of good arrests and the criminal justice system is holding those people accountable for their crimes and that may be serving as a deterrent,” Brueggeman said.
Being pro-active in traffic enforcement has been a key for the sheriff’s department.
“People have figured out if you speed you are going to get a speeding ticket, so they have slowed down, and being out there and pro-active tends to lessen the number of calls,” Brueggeman said.
“People figure out if they violate the law they will be dealt with.”
There are several factors that go into the reduction of specific crimes.
Brueggeman said as the economy improves, theft crimes decrease because people aren’t as desperate.
Moving forward through 2014, the department is looking forward to keep doing what they have been doing, being pro-active and enforcing the law.
“We will continue to enforce the laws, be out on the roads and continue to talk to the public about informing us about illegal activity,” Brueggeman said. “If people see something they think is suspicious, don’t hesitate to call the sheriff’s office and report it.”