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Let’s abolish central assessment system PDF Print E-mail

Dear Editor:
In Nebraska most of the large rich corporations owning land and easements in Nebraska are centrally assessed. The Nebraska Supreme Court has brought into the reasoning that an elected county assessor does not have the ability to assess and tax large corporations in Nebraska.
In the past, state statutes  regarding the assessment and taxation of centrally assessed corporations was labeled “secret.” Now at least the word secret is gone. The large corporations with their railroads and underground pipelines are still centrally assessed but should be assessed and taxed like everybody else. The county assessors should have the power to do that.
Easements are real estate by Nebraska law and should be assessed and taxed as such. However, very few easements in Nebraska are assessed and taxed even though the valuation of the easements are simple. Just ask the landowner who gave the easement—he knows how much he was paid. These easements should be assessed and taxed each year like the rest of real estate.
The legislature should abolish the central assessment system. This would go a long way to equalize real estate taxes in Nebraska.
Frank B. Svoboda