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Public urged to join weeklong celebration at Golden Ours PDF Print E-mail

By Rachelle Gaston
Golden Ours Activity Director
It seems that May is jam-packed with special events, places to be and a myriad of festivities to attend. Graduations, Mother’s Day get-togethers, school dismissed for summer vacation, Memorial Day observances and other such events as weddings etc. fill our daily planners.
I would like to add one more very important celebration to the endless list of things to do and people to see during the month of May. I would like to promote, plug, put my two cents in, or however you want to label it, for a special week set aside every year at this time to honor our nation’s nursing homes.
National Nursing Home Week celebrations kick off every year on Mother’s Day and continue throughout the week in an effort to bring awareness, insight and understanding to the communities we serve.
Our county nursing home, Golden Ours, desires to do just that. The dates for this year’s celebration begin next week, May 11-17. The National Health Care Association has deemed this year’s theme as “Living the Aloha Spirit.”
The staff and residents of Golden Ours would like to open up our home to the public with special events planned all week. Our goal is to leave our visitors, to which we hope come in multitudes, with a renewed understanding and sense of pride for our administration, staff and most importantly, our residents we care for.
Needless to say, long term care is one of the most challenging industries to work for. Every department in a nursing home is vital to its successful operation and overall well-being of the residents we care for. Community involvement is essential to boost morale and provide positive feedback to those who may be seeking a home for a loved one.
Anyone who has been working in long term care for their entire career, for which Golden Ours boasts numerous employees with this status, has one thing in common. We have a passion and feel it is our mission to care for our nation’s elderly and disabled. For this reason, we at Golden Ours would appreciate you, the general public, to walk through our doors and let us show you our ‘Aloha Spirit’ next week.
Our grand event of the week will be an open house on Monday, May 12 from 2 – 5 p.m. Come join us for an afternoon of fun, fellowship and pampering.
We will be offering a relaxed shopping experience with several vendors on site including: Premier Designs Jewelry, Casha O’Byrne; Scentsy Candles, Sommerlyn Naescher; Mary Kay Cosmetics, Charolotte Wallin; Miche Handbags, Donna Adler; Still Water Massage, Jean Thunker; Pampered Chef, Karen Fuller.
The Golden Ours Activity Dept. will be serving fruit smoothies and the Park Ridge activity coordinator will be serving iced coffees for your refreshment.
Peggy Rogers, Golden Ours Administrator will be conducting facility tours and promoting awareness for a renovation project that will enable staff to care for our residents more efficiently. This open house is just the beginning of a full week of events, so be sure to check out the schedule of events printed in this paper or on the flyers posted at local businesses.  
Let us come together and celebrate in the ‘Aloha Spirit.’