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Fifteen Wildcats set personal bests at Dundy County-Stratton PDF Print E-mail

By Elizabeth Strand
Wallace Public Schools
As the season is winding down for the Wallace Wildcats, several athletes are improving on their season marks.  
On Tuesday, May 6, the Wildcats had 12 athletes qualify for the Best of the Midwest track meet in Sutherland.  
The Best of the Midwest features the top eight area athletes in each event, with medals being awarded to the top three in each event.  Making it onto the medals stand is a big accomplishment for the athletes at this meet.  
The Wallace athletes set several personal bests, some highlights being: freshman Maggie May running her personal best time to finish third in the 400, senior Hayden Woodcox running his personal best time in the 400 when he just found out he was in when they called for the race, sophomore Tanner Clough finishing second in the 3200, and the boys 4x400 meter relay cutting nine seconds off of their best time for the year.  
The boys 4x400 meter relay was surprising because two alternates filled in on the relay, and they ran a season best time.  The boys on the 4x4 included Hayden Woodcox, Collin Swedberg, Robbie Nelson, and Landon Swedberg.   
On Friday, the Wildcats traveled to Benkelman for the Dundy County Stratton Twilight Meet.          
This was a last chance for athletes to improve on their marks heading into the district meet.  
There were 11 teams at the meet, including:  Chase County, Dundy County Stratton, Maywood, Perkins County, Atwood-Rawlins County, (Kan.); Wallace, Hayes Center, Cheylin, (Kan.); South Platte, and Wauneta-Palisade.  
There were several personal bests set by the Wildcats, 15 athletes improved their marks on the season!  There were also three new meet records set.  
In the boys 1600, Tanner Clough had the goal of beating the meet record, and he did, but he ended up in second place to Chase County’s Holden Dreiling.  
Coaches from both Wallace and Chase County felt that these boys pushed each other to break the record and to run their best races of the season.  
There were several other impressive performances by the Wildcats. Robbie Nelson and Christina Daniels cut four seconds off of their times in the 800 and 400 respectively, Landon Swedberg cut five seconds off of his 400 time, and Bridgett Anders improved her triple jump by just over two feet.  
Anders made the finals in the triple jump for the first time this year, and also placed in the 300 meter hurdles, earning her letter for track.  
The boys discus throwers placed all three again (second Josh May, third Landon Swedberg, and fifth Shane Anders) and May also was second in the shot.  Hayley Storm made it over the 30 foot mark in the triple jump, sophomore Collin Swedberg ran under 24 seconds in the 200, and an 11.3 in the 100, and freshmen Quintin Garrison (100, 200, 400) and Madisyn Cutler (100, 200) set personal bests in all of their events Friday.  
The Wallace coaches are excited to see the efforts of the Wildcats paying off at the right time of the season.  
Dundy County Stratton Twilight Results
Girls Team Champion - Chase County 204; runner-up-Dundy County Stratton 118; 7th Wallace - 30

Event Results
Long Jump - 5th Madisen Messersmith, WAL, 13’9.75”; 8th Hayley Storm, WAL, 13’4.75”; 1st R. Singhateh, AR, 17’4”
Shot Put - 1st J. Koellner, 37’3.5”
High Jump - 1st K. Wheeler, 4’10”
4x800 M Relay - 3rd Wallace (Madisen Messersmith, Alexandria Lundvall, Hayley Storm, Paige Aylward), 11:52.10; 1st (New Meet Record) Chase County 10:07.60
100H - 1st K. Jussel, CC, 16.30
100M- 1st R. Singhateh, AR, 12.7
400M- 3rd Maggie May, WAL, 1:03.90
3200M- 1st J. Stone, MAY, 12:13.70
200M- 1st R. Singhateh, AR, 26.90
Triple Jump- 5th Hayley Storm, WAL, 30’6.5”; 1st C. McClenahan, PC, 32’11”
Discus- 1st J. Koellner, CC, 112’3”
Pole Vault- 1st K. Burke, DCS, 8’6”
800M - 6th Madisen Messersmith, WAL, 2:40.10; 1st D. Reinke, CC, 2:27.20
300H - 8th Bridgett Anders, WAL, 1:02.10; 1st K. Jussel, CC, 48.10
1600M - 1st J. Stone, MAY, 5:38.70
4x100M Relay- 1st Dundy County Stratton, 51.80
4x400M Relay - 4th Wallace (Maggie May, Madisen Messersmith, Hayley Storm, Paige Aylward) 4:38.30; 1st Chase County (New Meet Record), 4:07.90

Boys Team Champion - Chase County 163; Runner Up - Dundy County Stratton 95; 6th Wallace 58.5

Event Results
Long Jump - 1st D. Tiemeyer, AR, 20’0”
Discus - 2nd Josh May, WAL, 131’7”; 3rd Landon Swedberg, WAL, 129’5”; 5th Shane Anders, 127’1”; 1st J. Wallin, CC, 145’1”
Pole Vault - 1st T. Reichert, DCS, 12’6”
4x800M Relay - 1st Maywood, 9:03.70
110H - 1st S. Gohl, HC, 15.0
100M - 2nd Collin Swedberg, WAL, 11.3; 1st D. Sis, PC, 11.1
400M - 2nd Landon Swedberg, WAL, 51.9; 7th Hayden Woodcox, WAL, 55.6; 1st C. Duvel, DCS, 50.7
3200M - 8th Juan Gomez, WAL, 12:07; 1st I. Smith, CC, 10:50.30
200M - 8th Collin Swedberg, WAL, 41.2; 1st D. Sis, PC, 23.0
Triple Jump - 1st D. Littell, MAY, 40’0.5”
Shot Put - 2nd Josh May, WAL, 42’6.75”; 1st J. Wallin, CC, 49’9.75”
High Jump - 1st T. Luhrs, CC, 6’1”
800M- 8th Robbie Nelson, WAL, 2:19.8; 1st D. Almanza, CC, 2:03.10
300H - 1st K. German, CC, 41.0
1600M - 2nd Tanner Clough, WAL, 4:43.60; 1st H. Dreiling, CC, 4:42.70 (New Meet Record)
4x100M Relay - 1st Dundy County Stratton, 44.50
4x400M Relay - 5th Wallace (Hayden Woodcox, Robbie Nelson, Shane Anders, Tanner Clough), 4:03.20; 1st Perkins County, 3:32.60

Personal Bests from Dundy County Stratton Twilight
Collin Swedberg - 100 11.3, 200 23.9
Quintin Garrision - 100 13.7, 200 27.5, 400 1:01.90
Landon Swedberg - 400 51.9,
Hayden Woodcox - 400 split 55.0
Shane Anders - 400 split 1:01
Robbie Nelson - 800 2:19.80
Tanner Clough - 1600 4:43.60
Juan Gomez - 3200 12:07
Josh May - shot put 42’6.75”
Madisyn Cutler - 100 16.3, 200 35.0
Bridgett Anders - 400 1:12.1, Triple Jump 27’1.25”
Christina Daniels - 400 1:13.0
Maggie May - 400 split 1:03.1
Madisen Messersmith 400 split 1:07.2, 800 2:40.1
Hayley Storm - Triple Jump 30’6.5”

Best of the Midwest Results
Girls Event Results
100M - 1st J. Lovitt, MUL, 13.0
200M - 1st T. Reeves, GOT, 25.30
400M - 3rd Maggie May, WAL, 1:03.60; 1st A. Geiken, GOT, 1:01.60
800M - 1st A. O’Malley, 2:28.40
1600M- 1st E. Cramer, AM, 5:35.60
3200M- 1st J. Stone, MAY, 12:21.70
4x100M Relay- 1st Sutherland, 52.10
4x400M Relay - 6th Wallace (Maggie May, Hayley Storm, Paige Aylward, Madisen Messersmith), 4:35.0; 1st Gothenburg, 4:05.40
4x800M Relay- 8th Wallace (Alexandria Lundvall, Hayley Storm, Paige Aylward, Madisen Messersmith), 12:00.0
100H - 1st K. Jussel, CC, 15.90
300H - 1st K. Jussel, CC, 48.10
Long Jump - 1st T. Reeves, GOT, 19’1 3/4”
Shot Put - 1st C. Geiger, COZ, 37’2”
Discus - 1st M. Max, AM, 123’10”
Triple Jump - 1st J. Rush, SL, 35’2”
High Jump - 1st V. Most, BRD, 5’5 1/4”
Pole Vault - 1st K. Stokey, SUT, 9’6”

Boys Event Results
100M - 1st K. Carlyle, PAX, 11.0
200M - 1st K. Carlyle, PAX, 22.7
400M - 7th Hayden Woodcox, WAL, 54.3; 1st M. Sestak, PC, 51.8
800M - 5th Dillon Koop, 2:15.0; 1st A. Blume, HIT, 1:59.9
1600M - 4th Tanner Clough, WAL, 4:57.5; 1st K. Pierce, SL, 4:37.5
3200M - 2nd Tanner Clough, WAL, 10:58.3; 1st R. Farr, MV, 10:28.9
4x100M Relay - 1st Cozad, 43.70
4x400M Relay - 7th Wallace (Hayden Woodcox, Collin Swedberg, Robbie Nelson, Landon Swedberg), 3:40.8; 1st Cozad, 3:30.4
4x800M Relay - 4th Wallace (Dillon Koop, Landon Swedberg, Andrew Gardner, Tanner Clough), 9:03.1; 1st Cozad, 8:17.6
110H - 1st S. Gohl, HAY, 15.10
300H - 1st K. German, CC, 41.0
Long Jump- 1st D. Graham, GOT, 20’4 1/2”
Shot Put- 1st T. Borchardt, GOT, 53’10”
Discus - 6th Landon Swedberg, WAL, 138’6”; 1st J. Wallin, 155’6”
Triple Jump - 1st T. Mann, BRD, 41’2 3/4”
High Jump - 1st J. Paulsen, COZ, 6’4”
Pole Vault - 1st E. Lamphear, NP, 15’5”

Personal Bests from
Best of the Midwest

Hayden Woodcox - 400 54.3
Collin Swedberg - 400 split 54.0
Robbie Nelson - 400 split 58.8
Dillon Koop - 800 2:15.0, 800 split 2:09.6
Landon Swedberg - 800 split 2:15.2
Maggie May - 400 1:03.6
Madisen Messersmith - 400 split 1:09
4x400 Relay (Woodcox, C. Swedberg, Nelson, L. Swedberg) - 3:40.8
4x400 Relay (May, Hayley Storm, Paige Aylward, Madisen Messersmith) - 4:35.0

New Super Cats
Robbie Nelson, Paige Aylward, Alexandria Lundvall