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Hughes prepares for next phase PDF Print E-mail

By Tim Linscott
Managing Editor
Humbled and thankful is how Dan Hughes described his victory in the 2014 primary election for the District 44 legislative seat.
“I am truly thankful for all the support I received during the primary,” Hughes said.
Hughes and Steve Stroup of Benkelman will move on to the general election in November. Hughes had 3,555 votes (40.02 percent) while Stroup had 3,137 votes (35.31 percent).
Dennis Berry, the mayor of McCook. was eliminated from the race.
In Chase County, Hughes had 675 votes, 70.39 percent of the tallies, compared to 231 votes for Stroup (24.09 percent) and 53 votes for Berry (5.53 percent). In Perkins County, Hughes had over 80 percent of the vote (83.09 percent) with 806 votes. Stroup had 85 votes (8.76 percent) and Berry 79 votes (8.14 percent).
“The percentage I won in Perkins and Chase counties was overwhelming to me that my friends and neighbors feel I’d do a good job in this,” Hughes said.
With Berry eliminated from the race, Hughes has reached out to the longtime McCook mayor for support and has secured his endorsement.
Those interests in the 44th district include property taxes, water issues and state aid to schools.
Senators have already contacted Hughes about these issues and while still campaigning, Hughes has begun to dig deeper into learning more about these issues in the next legislative session.