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A lot going on in sports

By Larry Pritchett
Past PCHS activities director

Apparently I can’t read the wishes of billionaires as well as I thought.
Donald Sterling didn’t get to where he is financially by making a lot of miscalculations and this past week if rumors are true he may have avoided paying out millions in legal fees by agreeing to let his wife take over the selling of the L.A. Clippers.  Given his past, I thought he would fight the NBA down to the last dollar standing but apparently this is a fight that he may not enter.
It would appear that there are a number of people who are interested in purchasing the franchise.  Sterling has been known as an owner that really hasn’t tried too hard to build a contender but he has put together some talent lately and he moved the team to LA a few years ago and that was a good move.  
The team could bring close to a Billion dollars when sold.  It was valued at $500,000 earlier and there have been articles that stated experts thought that was the low end and that and $850,000 was possible and if a couple of people or organizations would want the Clippers then the worth could be higher.          Having to sell the team will not cause the Sterling family to lose money.  But the loss of prestige among high rollers is worth more sometimes than actual dollars.  It might be very enjoyable to own a big league franchise, but like a lot of things, it might not be as much fun as it appears.  Maybe this drama will not last as long as I thought and that is probably good for the NBA.
Slow Day in Sports World
You kind of get the feeling that it is a slow day in the sport’s world when one of the first stories you see on MSN is about a great catch made at Citizens Bank Park in Philly by no other than a guy selling beer in the stands.  
Earl Chaney, has worked as a vendor at the Phillies home park since it opened in 2004, but this is the first time he has managed to catch a foul ball.  
He did say that he had been hit with a foul ball once and that was what he was trying to avoid when he stuck his beer bucket up over his head and the ball dropped in the bucket.  The crowd went nuts, gave him a standing ovation and he got interviewed on TV.  
It had to be the luckiest catch of the day! With that kind of luck going for him it might have been prudent to purchase a Powerball ticket or two on his way home. Anyway that probably was the highlight of the weekend.
Husker Baseball
The Husker Baseball team advanced to the finals of the Big Ten tournament being held in Omaha. The Big Ten might want to think about making Omaha a more frequent venue.  
It is scheduled for Minneapolis next year but the attendance record was shattered at TD Ameritrade Park in Omaha.  The record for attendance for the entire tournament was just over 12,000 set in 2010 at Ohio State.  
This year in Omaha the attendance stands at 42,055 with today’s final to be played.  Since the Huskers are in the finals against Indiana and that means the top two seeds are playing, I would think that the total figure will be way over 50,000 for the tournament.  
Playing at the site of the NCAA World Series and Nebraska being a power in the conference would lead one to think that Omaha would be a pretty good site in the future.
By the time I got this finished, the tournament finished and TD Ameritrade had the biggest crowd of the week, but it wasn’t enough for Nebraska as they lost to Indiana in the finals 8-4.
Indiana is Big Ten champ for the second year in a row.  Now the NCAA tournament begins and the Big Ten should in addition to Indiana get Nebraska and maybe Illinois in the playoffs.
State Track Meet
Perkins County Track and Field State Qualifiers competed in Omaha this past week. Derek Sis, a very talented freshman, picked up a medal in the 100 meters and looks to have a very promising future for the Plainsmen.     
Also competing in Omaha was Kendra Hoffert in the Pole Vault, Emily Kemling in the 3200 meters, and Tristen Kennicutt, Matthew Sestak and Tim Johnson along with Sis in the 1600 meter relay.  Sis also competed in the 200 meter dash.  
Congratulation to these Plainsmen that made it to the State Meet and represented themselves, their school and Perkins County very well.