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By Tim Linscott
Managing Editor
After waiting and anticipating what the final financial numbers on the Perkins County High School addition would be, last week, May 27, the school board found out how much the project will cost.
Soft estimates were originally estimated at $7.7 million, which includes a five percent contingency.
Bids for the plumbing work on the project had to be re-done because no qualified bids came in initially. Now that the plumbing bids were secured, members of BD Construction were on hand to give a final, concrete number to the board.
The final price tag for the project is $7.563 million. PCS board member Jayson Bishop noted that the main reason for the $137,000 drop in price was because the plumbing bid was lower than before.
Another reason for the shrinking total number was two sub-contractors had bid the same materials twice with only one cost needed.
The $7.5 million project cost includes a $325,000 contingency.
The project includes classrooms, a new gymnasium, locker rooms, a commons area/cafeteria, concession stand and kitchen.
Prices were also given to the board by BD Construction on what the final cost of the project would be without the locker rooms for the new gymnasium.
Without locker rooms included in the project, the district would save $634,000.
The special meeting was to gather information about the bids and prepare for the June 9 regular meeting, at which the board is expected to vote on the issue.
Board members invite public input at the June 9 meeting to hear in-depth about the project and the cost involved.
According to Bishop, the board will discuss the validity of leaving off the locker rooms from the project or moving forward with the entire project intact.
If and when a vote is taken at the June 9 meeting by the board on the project site, preparation is expected to begin in late June or early July with a 14 month construction cycle.
“We put a lot of time and effort into what we think is a good option. It will be good to make a decision one way or another and move on to whatever is next,” Bishop said.
Two finance companies will be at the June 9 meeting to discuss funding options with the board for the project.
The agenda does reflect an item of selecting a company and options for financing the project.