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Good neighbors in Grant recognized for unselfish deeds PDF Print E-mail

Grant residents Dan and Charlottie Wallin, Lyle and Doni Holaway and Mel Shootman are the “Good Neighbor” recipients representing Perkins County for an award from the Knights of Ak-Sar-Ben Foundation and the Omaha World-Herald.
The 70th annual Good Neighbor Award recognizes individuals from Nebraska who have performed neighborly acts and deeds unselfishly without personal gain.
The Grant recipients have helped make a difference in the recovery of their neighbor, Jim Styskal, who is fighting to get back his physical strength and abilities following a fall at home a year-and-a-half ago.
Here is what Bev Styskal had to say in praising their neighbors:  
We all face different seasons in life, as well as we do friends. Some come and go, others come into our lives when we don’t even realize the depth of what this friendship will involve. God knew!
We had that happen. We have lived in a small town all our lives. We had met these couples in various avenues of life in a small town, never knowing how they would reach out to us.
On Dec. 24, 2012 Jim suffered a spinal cord injury and was paralyzed from the neck down. He was life flighted to Scottsbluff, and after emergency surgery, spent three-and-a-half weeks in ICU.
These wonderful friends appeared, offering to do anything, even the laundry. Not everyone would do that, it’s kind of like Jesus did for his disciples, washing their feet. It was very humbling.
After we left Scottsbluff, we were transferred to Craig Rehab in Denver for another three months.
Same thing—we had visits from many hometown individuals, but now we had four individuals wanting to do things for us, and asked if we would need help when we came home.
Finally, that day came in April 2013 when we would go home. It was scary—we had been surrounded by a safe environment and didn’t have to worry, but wondered if we could do this.
Would there be anyone to help us? Of course there would be—these four now numbered five. And they became precious friends for such a time as this.
The time had come when we would be left alone. Not for long. A phone call led by our son was made to these friends for a training session, and so the journey began.
They have come to help us out now for over a year in the early morning hours and later evening hours.
We made it, but not without the hard work, dedication and love of these four full timers, and a fifth who was a sub. They have given of their time and were always available at our beckon call.        The 41 recipients represent 22 Nebraska counties. Later this year, award winners will be recognized at their local county fair with a certificate and a Good Neighbor lapel pin.