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Bea Dahl was a teacher at Venango Elementary School in the fall of 1946 and loved her job.
She taught sixth, seventh and eighth grade and a seventh grade student of hers, Max Dodson, was of particular concern for Dahl... at least, how he arrived at school was of particular concern.
Dahl became very interested in who was driving Max to school. It turned out to be his older brother, LaMar, who was discharged from the Navy in 1945 and moved back to Venango to live.
Dahl began asking young Max about the handsome young man driving him to school.
As fate would have it, an opportunity arose for the two to meet and they hit it off, starting a courtship.
In 1947 Dahl’s teaching assignment ended and she had plans to move to Denver, unless steps were taken to keep her local.
LaMar proposed in August, 1947 but faced a dilemma as he was a few months shy of his 21st birthday. He asked his father, Grant, to sign a permission certificate stating he had parental consent to marry.
Grant Dodson agreed to sign the document but wondered if there was a hurry.
According to Dodson family members there wasn’t a rush but the duo were soon married on a day so hot the wedding cake candles melted, bending over.
Now, nearly 67 years later, the duo are still married and ‘still smitten’ with each other.