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Colglazier added to clinic roster PDF Print E-mail

by Tim Linscott
Tribune Sentinel
Familiarity with patients is important in the medical world and Analisa Colglazier has that covered.
Lifelong resident Colglazier is the newest addition to the Colglazier Medical Clinic in Grant. She is an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse, commonly known as a Nurse Practitioner.
Colglazier officially started her duties Monday, July 7, but has been involved with the clinic since high school.
She did her clinical rotation at the clinic for the last two years.
“I have been working here off and on since high school,” Colglazier said.
Sliding into the field has been easy since Colglazier is familiar with the community.
“I grew up here and I am familiar with the practice. I am excited to be back,” Colglazier said, adding that school can’t replace real world ‘on the job training.’ “When you start any new role, you quickly learn there are things they don’t teach you in school.”
Colglazier is happy to get that training in Grant, a community she loves.
“You know the patients and they aren’t just patients, they are your friends and neighbors,” Colglazier said.
Married to husband Scott King, the couple has a two-year-old daughter, Taryn. Colglazier is the daughter of Dr. Cliff Colglazier and the granddaughter of the late  Dr. ‘Doc’ Ernest Colglazier, two longtime physicians in the Grant community.