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Humor can help in recovery

Jo McCormick

I have a perpetual desk calendar that reminds me to laugh myself out of the gloomies with a daily collection of fun-filled insights and therapeutic humor from the queen of encouragement, Barbara Johnson.
She is a popular speaker and author of 10 best selling books including, ‘Stick a Geranium in your Hat and be Happy’ and ‘Leaking Laffs Between Pampers and Depends’.
She is also the founder of Spatula Ministries, a non-profit organization ‘designed to peel parents off the ceiling with a spatula of love and start them on the road to recovery.’ From Barbara: A Greeting Card For You—‘You had your bladder “fixed”. Now as it mends here is a bouquet of flowers and a box of Depends. Sure hits home with me and possibly you too?
• • • •
Today, God told me we needed to keep on learning because I had a lot of projects to complete. So I kept on practicing walking and I got so good I could even run. My head got ahead of my feet sometimes, but I got better at it.
One day I went up some stairs, kind of crawling like. When I got up there and looked down—Whoa! I was stuck. It looked like a very long ways down again. Going down head first just did not seem like a good idea, so I just ‘cried’ and wondered what God would think I should do. He was right there with me and said, “child, crawling down is okay, but go feet first and you will do just fine. It did work out just fine. Just like He said it would.
I loved to look at books with some help and now I can even help turn pages. I got some blocks for my birthday and I am a pretty good builder (stacker) and my new big fat colors are pretty easy to hold on to but it seems to be a big deal though where I draw my pictures.
There is so much more I want to know about words so I can tell Mom and Dad what my pictures are. I know what Mom and Dad are telling me, but I can’t tell them very much yet. Before too long I could say lots of words—BUT…Stay tuned for The Rest Of The Story. Until next time, God willing, Jo