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Chamber still needs help in meeting fireworks expense PDF Print E-mail

In the pace of life, do you ever look back and regret that your good intentions disappear into the tapestry of busyness? If you do, then you are not alone.
Two months ago a friend of mine had a baby. Soon after this baby’s birth, I purchased a card to send, proud of myself for being so diligent. Now, two months later, the card is still stuck in my date planner.
My boys signed up to do 4-H projects early in the spring, giving us ample time to  prepare for the fair, or so I thought. Now, only one project is done per boy and the fair starts tomorrow.
Another one of my intentions was to donate to the chamber’s fireworks fund. Every year, my family enjoys this wonderful event that brings our community together in a sense of wonder for 30 minutes or so, and I wanted to help pay for it.
Upon gathering information from the chamber about donations to the fireworks fund, I was shocked to find that within the past two years donations for the chamber’s fireworks display have dropped by 45 percent, from $2,775 in 2013 to only $1,695 this year. This does not cover even half of the total cost of the fireworks, which is more than $8,000.
When I first heard these figures I was upset, wanting to point my finger at others, but found myself putting the blame right back on myself.  I am just as guilty as any for my inaction.
How about you? Did you have good intentions this year to donate to the fireworks fund, but yours, like mine, slipped through the busyness of summer? If so, it isn’t too late.
This drop in donations, I believe, isn’t because people have stopped caring, but that we have stopped acting, which I, for one, will change this week when I walk to one of the banks in town and make a donation to the fireworks fund. It’s not too late. The Perkins County Chamber is still accepting donations, and I ask you to highly consider helping out. Donations can be taken to any bank in Perkins County, to a chamber member, or bring it to the paper, and we will get it to the right people.
Becky Uehling