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Emily Hauck has joined Perkins County Schools staff as the high school choir teacher, seventh and eighth grade choir teacher and K-6 music teacher, as well as leading the combination musical and one act show that will take place this semester.

Hauck excited to be new music teacher

Emily Hauck has joined Perkins County Schools staff as a new music teacher this semester. She is teaching high school choir, seventh and eighth grade choir and K-6 general music. She will be leading the musical and one act this semester.

Hauck, originally from Gering, Neb., is a dual degree graduate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in Music and Environmental Studies with a minor in communications.

She is passionate about music, both playing and listening. She plays the oboe and the flute, and enjoys playing for theater companies and churches.

“I hope people will ask me to play for their Sunday service!” Hauck said.

Her favorite music is rock, and she hopes to be a part of a rock band someday.

Hauck has prior teaching experience in a variety of settings. Hauck taught conservation education to children through AmeriCorps for a year, and she did her student teaching at Raymond Central where she taught band.

She did her general music practicum at Cathedral of the Risen Christ Catholic school, and she has experience teaching vacation bible school with her church.

Hauck first heard of the open position at PCS through the Nebraska Department of Education Teach website.

“It stood out as an appealing job because the first paragraph talked about how each student had their own laptop, and I think that is a great opportunity for students to be able to learn and grow, especially in music!” she said.

She added that students can notate music, play music and create their own music on a computer.

The job also stood out because Hauck enjoys the western end of Nebraska, and believes the people on this side of the state are warm, welcoming and helpful.

“I wanted to be surrounded by good people,” she said.

Hauck is excited to watch her students grow musically throughout her time teaching them, and is looking forward to helping students enjoy and love music, something she notes is a “uniquely human activity.”

“I love when students get excited about the music they are making!” Hauck said. 

“I also love how music is a universal language understood across cultures and countries. It unites humanity as one.”

According to Hauck, the semester is going well, and she feels very fortunate to have her new position as a music teacher at PCS.

While Perkins County is smaller than the area where Hauck grew up, she believes it is a beautiful place with wide open spaces and beautiful scenery.

“I think it feels really cozy, and it feels like home already,” Hauck shared. “I think the community is very supportive and involved, and that means this is a thriving area.”

Larger communities in the state, she added, are not always as welcoming and friendly, whereas in Perkins County she has already felt the support of the community and is very appreciative.

“I really hope I can help every student to love music as much as I do!” Hauck said.


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