Aug. 1 marks final deadline for general election candidates

Aug. 1 marks the deadline for new candidates in the Villages of Elsie, Madrid and Venango to file for office.

Current filings include:

• Elsie Village Board (two open seats)—Doug Curtis, incumbent; Kevin Kugler, Lynn Cook and Charles D. Kramer.

Larry Biesecker did not file for re-election. 

• Madrid Village Board (two open seats)—Kristy Ogg, incumbent; Kevin Klahn.

Mark Heil did not file for re-election.

• Venango Village Board (three open seats)—Josh Clark, Troy Grothman, incumbent; Dennis Ekdahl, incumbent; Christina Farnsworth.

Diana Maupin did not file for re-election.  

City, County and School

City and county offices that will appear on the Nov. 6 general election ballot include:

• Grant City Mayor-—Lisa Schmitt and Bryce Anderson.

• Grant City Council (two open seats)—Andrea Brueggeman, incumbent; Darrell Pierce, incumbent; Chase Sauder and Edward Dunn.

• County Commissioner District No. 2—Ron Hagan, Republican.

• County Assessor—Peggy Burton, Republican incumbent.

• County Attorney—Richard Roberts, Republican incumbent.

• County Commissioner District No. 3-—Steven Tucker, Republican incumbent.  

• County Clerk—Rita Long, Republican incumbent 

• County Sheriff—James Brueggeman, Republican incumbent 

• County Treasurer—Julie Sestak, Republican incumbent

• Perkins County Schools (three open seats)—Amy Kroeker, incumbent; Ryan Hendricks, incumbent; Adair Reese, Angela Gloy, Chris Fryzek.


State filings include:

• Legislature, District 44—Dan Hughes, Venango, incumbent; Stephanie Malcolm, Palisade

• URNRD Board, Subdistrict 4—Jason Kunkel, Lamar, incumbent

• URNRD Board, Subdistrict 8—none

• URNRD Board, Subdistrict 10—Jay L. Lee, Madrid

• URNRD Board, At Large—Brock Stromberger, Champion; Duane Dinnel, Wauneta. 

• NPPD Board, Subdistrict 5—Thomas Hoff, Broken Bow, incumbent; Charlie Kennedy

• MPCC Board, District 2—Pam Abbott, Ogallala.

• ESU No. 16 Board, District 9 —Jamie Picquet, Grant

Norma Mayer did not file for re-election. 

• ESU No. 16 Board District 11—none

Dayton Reichman did not file for re-election. 

Newcomers have until the Aug. 1 deadline to file for the NPPD and ESU boards. 

Voters wishing to cast a ballot by mail can now submit their request to County Election Official Rita Long. Early voting ballots will be mailed to registrants who have made a request starting on Monday, Oct. 1.

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