Patricia Bremmer's book "Cornstalked" to be made into movie (Contributed photo)

Bremmer signs book to movie

By Brooke Pankonin

Grant Tribune Sentinel

“Cornstalked,” the book by mystery author Patricia Bremmer of Venango, is currently in the preliminary stages of becoming a movie.

Bremmer signed the contract in December, but the project has been in the works since mid-2015. She read about a movie by Vagabond Entertainment, “At Granny’s House,” that was filmed in Haxtun, Colorado in 2014 and shown at the Peerless Theatre in Holyoke, Colo., on May 30-31, 2015. 

She messaged Vagabond President Les Mahoney, congratulating him on the premiere. He, in turn, discovered she was an author and asked if she optioned her books. An option, Bremmer explained, is an agreement to give a production company exclusivity to a book for a limited amount of time to allow them to gather financing and actors to begin filming. 

Mahoney invited Bremmer to the showing, to which she already had tickets. Coincidently, while introducing her to his production crew, one of them had just purchased “Cornstalked,” from the local bookstore. 

When Mahoney first approached Bremmer about optioning the book, she wasn’t interested, as there were many changes he wanted to make that she didn’t agree with. After reading the book again, Mahoney agreed to keep it closer to the story she had written. 

The book is a story about how a snowy weekend pheasant-hunting trip turns into a deadly nightmare for three bankers from Denver.

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