Canned food drive to directly benefit Hurricane Harvey victims

As Houston continues to grapple with Hurricane Harvey’s aftermath, local communities are coming together to help with relief efforts.

Perkins, Chase and Keith Counties are making efforts to support Texas flood victims with a canned food drive.

Local Grant residents Jon and Lindsey Feuerborn have a personal connection to  Copperfield Bible Church in northwest Houston of which their friend Dan Phillips is the pastor. 

Copperfield Bible Church, despite some damage, opened its doors to flood evacuees as a relief center. Many still at the church are unable to return home due to damage or have no home to return to.

Many of the evacuees seeking shelter in the church could not afford to leave and were left with few alternatives as flood waters continued to rise, flooding their homes and neighborhoods.  

The displaced families have shelter and water, however, looking forward, are in “desperate need of food.” 

Despite donations and efforts from organizations across the country, food remains limited as stores work to replenish empty shelves and lines stretch out the doors and through parking lots.

Donated supplies will be delivered directly to Copperfield Bible Church to be distributed amongst those still in severe need.

The goal for the drive is to fill a 53-foot trailer with canned goods and cleaning supplies. The trailer is estimated to fit upwards of 27,000 cans of food. “A big task ahead of us,” admitted Lindsey Feuerborn. 

Josh Harms of Madrid has volunteered to drive the filled trailer to Houston to deliver relief to the church and its occupants.

Pastor Phillips has asked for canned versus boxed goods due to standing water, humidity, bugs and other factors. Canned goods will be the safest and most beneficial donations. 

Drop off points are located throughout Perkins, Keith and Chase Counties. Each location will be collecting donations that will be picked up and loaded into the truck over the weekend of Sept. 16, before making the 1,000-mile trek from Nebraska to Houston. 

Pastor Matt Maxwell of the Imperial Berean Church, a designated drop-off location, said there has been a positive response thus far and expects many more cans by the end of the week. 

“There are so many people in so much need. This is a great opportunity for southeast Nebraska to make a difference and help,” said Maxwell.

Harchelroad Motors of Imperial, another drop off location, is encouraging donations by offering $5 off car service for five non-perishable canned items. 

According to Ayla Smith of Harchelroad Motors, despite having just started, they have received several cans and expect more.

For those wishing to participate, non-perishable, non expired canned items can be dropped off at the locations to the right. 


• New Life Fellowship Church

617 W. 4th St.

• Evangelical Free Church

200 W. 10th St.


• Harchelroad Motors

530 E. Hwy. 61

• Imperial Berean Church 

1530 Broadway

• Imperial Bible Church

800 W. 11th


• New Hope Church

319 E. O St.

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