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Perkins County Schools Superintendent Phillip Picquet, was born in Grant and returned in 2014 to take on the superintendent position. 

Getting to know you: Phillip Picquet

Phillip Picquet, better known as Mr. Picquet or even just Picquet, is the superintendent of Perkins County Schools. 

He is beginning his 18th year working in the school systems and chalks up his interest in his profession to his role models growing up, not just the good ones, but the maybe not so good ones who set an example of what not to do. 

“I had some great teachers and I also encountered some who I thought could have done a better job. Both of these experiences lead me down the path of education where I wanted to replicate the positives modeled to me as a student, and also try to help students, parents, myself and schools improve,” he said. 

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