L2 for Kids clothing deadline Aug. 1

Helping kids increase their self-esteem and well-being by providing them new clothing and showing them Christ’s love. This is the mission of the non-profit organization L2 for Kids.

Just as Jesus gave Lazarus a second chance, L2 for Kids gives children a second chance with new clothes for a new school year. 

To receive clothing from L2 for Kids, families must complete an application. Cindy Regier, Perkins County’s L2 chapter board member, said ideally, the family receives an application from a local pastor. They fill out the application and then return it to the pastor to sign for a recommendation. The application is then submitted to the local board for review. 

“We have never turned down a family who has applied for clothing,” said Regier. 

Last year they served eight Perkins County families and 16 students. In 2016 they served 12 families and 32 kids. 

Once approved, a shopping date is scheduled with the children, parent and volunteers. For children kindergarten through fifth grade, $75 is allotted for clothing, sixth through eighth graders are allotted $100 and $125 is allotted for high schoolers.

The children are to be present for the shopping experience, “because it’s about the children and them getting to pick out the clothes they want” said Regier. All clothes must be school appropriate. 

The kids get calculators to stay within their budget, and parents have the opportunity to pay above the allotted amount if the children go over budget.  

Regier said they are sure to remind the children that it’s by God’s love and mercy they are being gifted with new clothes, and to remember to thank the Lord for that. 

Applications are due Wednesday, Aug. 1 and are available at most churches in Perkins County. 

For more information on L2 for Kids, contact Regier at 308-326-4347. 


Henry and Pat Potter, formerly of Elsie, founded L2 for Kids in Perkins County in 2011 with $14,000 in seed money. The money was initially raised to start a home for troubled boys in Venango, but when the state of Nebraska decided not to use such homes, the money was redirected into what is now L2 for Kids.

That year, the non-profit bought clothes for 10 children in Perkins County, and each year that number has increased. L2 now benefits children in Grant, North Platte, Gothenburg Cozad, Lexington and the Cambridge, McCook and Alma areas.

The L2 board invested the initial $14,000 in an endowment fund and uses only the interest, about $700 per year, for the actual program. 

The board seeks other sources of income, including donations and grant funding, to supplement this amount and increase the number of kids who can be helped. 

Donations can also be made to a trust. Their approach is to donate 100 percent of the funds raised to the kids. 

Adults who help administer the program are all volunteers. 

Henry is president of the seven-member state board and Pat handles the bookkeeping. Additionally, each town where the program operates has a council comprised of community members.

Regier said donations made in Perkins County stay in the Perkins County program and are used for Perkins County kids. 

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