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Angela Wood and her trusty steeds, along with her Chihuahua, Schatzie, stopped to rest in Perkins County over the weekend during their journey across the United States in a covered wagon to raise awareness for childhood hunger.

Perkins County becomes resting place for covered wagon traveler

Angela Wood set out in August of 2018 on an 8,000-plus mile trip with one mission in mind: spreading awareness of childhood hunger. 

Renegade, Wood’s 15-year-old paint horse, and Jessie, a 4-year-old quarter horse, have been pulling 50-year-old Angela and her dog, a Chihuahua named Schatzie, across the United States in a covered wagon. 

Their journey began in Liberty, Kentucky, and they headed east to Sunset Beach, North Carolina before beginning their trek back to the west coast, something Angela hopes to accomplish by August of 2020. 

“I have been dreaming about doing this ride across America since I was 11. I’ve been planning this trek for the last two years,” Wood said of her journey across the country, adding “I know some of you are wondering why. Why do this type of trip? Why the length?

“Well my desire to do this trek was started when I was 11 and read about the Abernathy brothers. But even before that I was always looking and wondering what was over the next hill, beyond the next curve of the road. I was always exploring trails less traveled to find out where they went. 

“I am a tractor-trailer driver, a trucker. I’ve driven all 48 eight states and Canada. But all I’ve seen was the main roads. I’ve driven by national parks, through wilderness areas, by historical signs. Yet could never stop and actually see the places where history was made. 

“I want to travel at a pace where I can take roads less traveled. Talk to people who I would never see if I was traveling at the modern pace in a car. I want to hear peoples stories of their lives and their ancestors. I want to inspire people to follow their dreams no matter how hard or crazy they seem. I want to bring awareness of childhood hunger in America and that one person can make a difference.”

Wood and her team entered into Nebraska on April 29, and stayed a few days in Benkelman before continuing their journey north through Enders, Imperial and eventually into Grant. 

She stayed at the Perkins County Fairgrounds on Saturday and Sunday night and started Monday morning heading out towards Brule. 

Along the way, Wood has been trying to travel for two to three days and then rest for two to three days. 

Wood arrived in Brule on Monday evening, despite the cool misty weather, and was excited to see California Hill and the original Oregon Trail, that she ultimately decided not to take for the safety of herself and her steeds. 

She will continue heading north west and spreading her words and mission with anyone who cares to listen. 

 “There are several different types of hunger. There is the hunger of the body, the hunger of the soul, the hunger of emotions and the hunger of intellect. When children grow up hungry they do not develop correctly. 

“My mission is to bring awareness of these type of hungers and the problems they cause when children are neglected and are hungry. Children who are hungry as a child become deficient adults and have a hard time becoming successful members of society,” Wood said.

Anyone interested in following Wood’s journey can find her on her website:, follow her on Facebook at, and she is taking donations via go-fund-me, Paypal, and

Visit her website to find out more on how you can help Angela reach her goals and spread the word. 


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