Pool committee asks county for help

Lisa Schmitt and Mavis Gooden of the Perkins County Aquatic Center Committee discussed with commissioners the potential of county funding for a new pool in Grant at the commissioner meeting on Nov. 6.

Schmitt said their committee is passionate about kids and working toward the economic betterment of the county. She explained the need for the replacement of the current pool and bathhouse. 

Schmitt asked the commissioners if the county could help in any way, whether it be financially or offering advice.

Half of the city’s sales and use tax, which is allocated to parks and recreation, is currently at $451,945. Schmitt said the group has raised about $200,000 up to this point. The committee is also applying for grants. 

Commissioner Steve Tucker asked what the total cost of the project will be. Schmitt estimated $3.4 million, with $400,000 of that being amenities that could be installed at a later time. 

Schmitt said since the pool will benefit the entire county, they wondered if the county would be interested in helping them financially. 

Commissioner Bernie Deaver questioned if the county would legally be able to contribute since the pool is a city-owned facility. Gooden asked if there was a possibility of the county facilitating a county-wide bond to bring before the voters. The commissioners said the city would have to be in charge of that. 

Schmitt also explained the economic benefits of the pool.  She said they have talked to many people with pool passes in surrounding communities because of the poor condition of the current pool. 

“When they do that, they shop there, they eat there, they take their money there. It’s not just the matter of the pool,” said Schmitt. 

Tucker said they had many valid arguments, and all the commissioners wished them the best with the endeavor. 

Schmitt thanked them for their time and asked them to keep in touch with any other ideas they may have. 

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