Taxing entities complete property tax requests

Taxing entities in Perkins County have publicized their 2020-21 property tax requests for the respective entities. 

All of the budget hearings will be complete Tuesday after the Perkins County school board finalizes their budget Tuesday night, Sept. 15.

The school board is looking at the biggest percentage of increase for the 2020-21 tax year. 

The regular budget tax request represented a 7.44% increase over last year’s request. The big difference is in the building fund. 

The board is adding money to the building fund for planned maintenance on roofs and other needed upkeep. 

Last year, they requested just $17,000 but with the anticipated projects and reserves, that total was boosted to $252,525.

Those two combined show an increase of 11.56% over last year. 

County commissioners approved a tax request that increased $111,780, which represents a 3.63% increase over last year. 

The increase covers cost-of-living raises for employees and added expenses in setting up the 911 system. Much of the added expense for 911 equipment will be reimbursed.

County valuation decreased this year, which reduced the amount of taxes the Perkins County hospital district can request. 

The City of Grant kept their tax asking at the same level but added $50,000 for the first payment on bonds for the pool. 


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