Foundation Fund challenge grant met, exceeded!

Donors to the Perkins County Community Foundation Fund can take a victory lap.

They made it possible for the PCCFF, an affiliated fund with the Nebraska Community Foundation, to boost the fund’s unrestricted endowment by more than $150,000.

In 2017, an anonymous donor made a challenge to PCCFF and its supporters—raise $100,000 over a two-year period and the donor would match it with another $50,000.

Mission accomplished!

The campaign that began December, 2017 reached the $100,000 goal with 13 days to spare. 

Not only that, another anonymous donor stepped forward near the end of the campaign with another challenge—raise an additional $15,000 and the donor would match it one-for-one with another $15,000. 

That challenge was met, too!

To date, the campaign has raised $189,367.56, according to Michelle Ross. treasurer and immediate past chair Michell Ross.

That, combined with more than $72,000 already in the unrestricted endowment fund, moves the fund balance to more than $261,000.

With an unrestricted endowment, the principle is never touched and can continued to be added to. Earnings off the money can be used for a variety of community betterment purposes throughout the county.

Ross noted PCCFF has $20,000 in past earnings that can be granted to projects. The fund is accepting applications for those funds through June 30, 2020.

PCCFF also holds nearly $291,000 raised through the Hunt Family Challenge.

Grant funds can go to 501-C3 charitable organizations and governmental entities for projects. 

Ross couldn’t say enough about the support people have shown during the campaign. 

“We’re blessed to live in a great county,” she said this week. “This is a county fund that benefits all four communities.” People from throughout the county have supported the fundraising effort, she added. 

She said a lot of people who no longer live in Perkins County but still “feel that tie” have made contributions to the effort. 

They got a lot of help from people who collected addresses of alumni, former residents and landowners, who were then contacted about the campaign. 

So far, 105 individuals made donations to the campaign, along with three anonymous donors. Ross said they continue to get donations from donors so that number is likely to rise.

Denise Garey of McCook, who is the Southwest Nebraska development coordinator for the Nebraska Community Foundation, praised the local committee for their hard work on the campaign.

She said the gracious giving is proof people believe in Perkins County and its future and that it’s on the move.

She looks forward to working with PCCFF and knows they will make a positive impact in the county through that grant making.


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