Neighbors to proposed pool location not overjoyed

Residents who live near the proposed location of the new pool in the northeast corner of the park aren’t exactly happy. 

A contingent came to the city council Nov. 12 to explain why they feel that location could pose some problems. 

Robin Quinn, speaking on behalf of those residents during the public comment period, said they were never approached or informed that would be the new pool location until reading it in the paper.

“I personally feel that the place that it is currently proposed to be at isn’t the right place,” she told the council. 

She said a primary concern is the amount of traffic on Ninth Street, as well as the speed that traffic travels. 

By adding cars parked along both sides of the street, “you’re going to have little kids running to the park in and out between cars” creating the potential for a “very, very bad situation,” she said.

Another issue will be the added noise for homeowners near the pool. 

She noted when people congregate in that corner of the park during the 4th of July, the difference in sound is quite noticeable.

She added the alley between the park and their homes sees a significant amount of traffic, some of it going faster than it should be.

The item was not on the agenda so the council could take no action on the issue.


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